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Name: Gilbertha St Rose

Position: Managing Director

District: Gros Islet

City: Gros Islet

Mailing Address: PO Box L3132 Castries Saint Lucia

Phone: 452-7308 / 454-8737

Fax: 452-7308

Email: gsr@candw.lc

Website: http://www.edenherbs.com

No of Employess:

Sector/Industry: Health & Wellness Products and Services

Associations & Membership:

Product/Services: Traditional and herbal medication and suppliments

Standards & Certifications:

Export Markets: Dominica, Martinique, Antigua, Grenada, St. Vincent

List of products company exports
Colon Cleanser12119090240ml  
Purifier Tonic12119090240ml  
Female Monthly Mixture12119090240ml  
Gas Relief12119090240ml  
Aloe Juice Drink12119090240ml  
Cough. Cold and Sinus Relief12119090240ml  
Noni Juice Drink12119090240ml  
Neem Cream30049090 22.5g 
Noni Cream30049090 22.5g 
Shea Butter30049090 22.5g 
Capsaicin Cream30049090 22.5g 
Acne Eczema Cream30049090 22.5g 
Lota & Blemish Cream30049090 22.5g 
Circulation Cream30049090 22.5g 
Hair & Scalp Cream30049090 22.5g 
Cerosee12119090 22.5g 
St. John&#39s Bush12119090 22.5g 
Anamu12119090 22.5g 
Lippia Alba12119090 22.5g 
Neem Tea12119090 22.5g 
Tumeric (Chichima)30049090500mg 30 Capsules
Garcinia30049090500mg 30 Capsules
Cinnamon La Cannelle30049090500mg 30 Capsules
Damiana Capsules30049090500mg 30 Capsules
Sage Capsules30049090500mg 30 Capsules
Stonebreaker Capsules30049090500mg 30 Capsules
Anamu Capsules30049090500mg 30 Capsules
Neem Capsules30049090500mg 30 Capsules
Veven Capsules30049090500mg 30 Capsules
Moringa Capsules30049090500mg 30 Capsules