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Name: Urban Wilson

Position: Managing Director

District: Laborie

City: Laborie

Mailing Address: P.O BOX 322 VIEUX-FORT

Phone: 455 9000

Fax: 454-9000

Email: wilrock@candw.lc

Website: http://www.wilrock.com/

No of Employess: 65

Sector/Industry: Household and Construction Products

Associations & Membership:

Product/Services: Rock and cement products

Standards & Certifications:

Export Markets: Guyana/Trinidad/Barbados/St.Maarten

List of products company exports
Screened Aggregates251710000-40mmvariable 
Concrete Blocks68101100"4"""  
Concrete Blocks68101100"6"""  
Concrete Blocks68101100"8"""  
Concrete Blocks68101100"12"""  
Filler Stone2517100010-60 Kg variable 
Filler Stone2517100060-300 Kgvariable 
Armor Stone25171000variablevariable